Where to Find Fruit Picking Work in Australia

5 Top Places to Find Fruit Picking Work in Australia

  1. Shepparton, Victoria

Shepparton is located just a few hours north of Melbourne. The area is popular for fruit growing in orchards such as Apples, Nectarines, and Pears. Fruit picking jobs in Shepparton are seasonal, starting in January and ending in April. This is perfect if you are looking for a quick 3-month working stint or less.


  1. Mildura, Victoria

Mildura is located in far north western Victoria, approximately 550km from Melbourne. This is countryside Australia with a slower paced lifestyle along the Murray River. Mildura has plenty of fruit picking jobs available in vineyards and orchards.


  1. Bundaberg, Queensland

Bundaberg is located in coastal Queensland, 4 hours’ drive north of Brisbane. This is not tropical Australia, but it is a lot warmer than Victoria if you are looking for a summer climate. Work on the sugar cane farms is seasonal, starting in June and ending in November.


  1. Tully, Queensland

Tully is located in Tropical Queensland, or Far North Queensland as referred to in Australia. It approximately 150km south of Carins, and just west of the Great Barrier Reef. The area surrounding Tully is filled with plenty of opportunity for work on Banana and Paw Paw plantations. The season for both of these fruits generally lasts all years, though there may be some quieter months.

Check out Banana Barracks for some great information on Banana picking in Tully.


  1. Barossa Valley, South Australia

The Barossa Valley is one of Australia’s most famous wine producing areas. I tis located approximately 80km north of South Australia’s capital city Adelaide. Fruit picking jobs in the Barossa Valley are generally at the vineyards picking grapes.


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