Travel Gibbon is a travel community website, built by travelers, for travelers. We understand what the freedom of travel means, and how a little bit of work along the way.

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Josh Shephard travel gibbon

Josh Shephard

Co-founder of Travel Gibbon. Back in 2010 he packed a 30L back pack and set off from his home town of Sydney, Australia. 1 year on the road turned to a 5 year international adventure setting up a base in Bangkok, Thailand. This give rise to the development of one of Asia's top travel blogs The Lost Passport, the next venture was Travel Gibbon.

Louis Petritis Travel Gibbon

Louis Petrides

Co-founder of Travel Gibbon. Over the past 10 years, he has worked with top tier brands including Riot Games, Activision, Five by Five Global, BenQ Australia, Webroot, Twitch.TV, Red Bull and Sony Gaming. He has coordinated projects often using geographically dispersed teams and formulated and executed regionally. Expertise in digital marketing, both acquisition and retention, and in-depth experience in successfully building and managing online brands. He studied Commerce and Marketing at Macquarie University

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